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Ruston Hornsby PT 1.5hp
This engine I was given to me by a work collegue, it had stood in his yard for somewhere around five years and had quite a lot of water inside, the picture is as was received.
I commenced strip down.
The piston was siezed in the bore quite badly but on removal after some soaking with paraffin and WD40 plus a dose of brute force the bore was supprisingly unscathed.
Rings were all siezed in the grooves and unfortunately one of the two oil control rings failed to come out intact.
Big end had a little play but removal of one of the shims under the bearing cap sorted this.
Engine had obviously frozen with water in at some time but fortunately Ruston made a removable side to the water jacket which had taken the strain and failed before the engine suffered.
After cleaning every thing I put it together for a preliminary run before a paint strip.
The stage it's at at the moment is head is off, piston is out and  needing at least an oil control ring as it burns stupid amounts of oil when hot (as can be seen in the "preliminary run" link.

I've now made another oil ring from a lister D ring and the engine runs fine and doesn't smoke anymore and also a new removable water jacket side, I'm in the process of making a trolley and stripping the engine down again to re-paint in Bullock maroon.
Having stripped the engine down fully I've painted all the parts with bullock maroon zinc primer all apart from the hopper which I've covered with finshing filler ready for rubbing down.
Having now painted the block and other parts in the top coat of Bullock maroon (apart from hopper which is now in primer) I now in the process of rebuild.
Brass and bronze parts are remaining polished metal which is attracting some criticism.
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Hopper primed and flatted ready for gloss top coat
Paint finished and fitted to the engine
Engine just needs the fuel tank done and a nice new trolley made to be complete, there will be a Mono water pump mounted on with it
Fuel tank was rather shot having been subjected to years of water so I'm trying to aquire a replacement, however wanting to attend a rally with it I temporarily repaired it with Petseal and did a quick paint job to attend the Ditchingham rally.
Here is a picture and a video at the rally
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This engine has been reluctantly sold
I was offered more than twice the worth so had to accept