1929 3.5HP
class OK

Preliminary build
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II obtained this engine by a piece of rare luck, I was working for some one in Morston north Norfolk and spotted it in his garage, after negotiation it was mine and we removed it from itís thirteen year resting place.
He got this thirteen years ago from Cley mill (just up the road from him, he intended to get it up and running but had painted it and done one or two other bits to it.
It was mostly all there but needs rebuilding as there were some discrepancies, there is a ring missing as well and the paint job isnít the best.
It was mainly together and came with two spare Wico EK magnetos, some oiler parts, two belt pulleys and a crank handle.
I have so far built it up to a stage that I could attempt a start on a temporary trolley.
After sorting a couple of things with the decompression cam and the float needle that he had bent I tried a start, it started but was running extremely rich and even closing the fuel valve didnít alter it let alone stop the engine.
He had made the needle valve himself but it wasnít reaching the bottom of the jet by at least 9mm, I machined this so that the valve would close down.
Unfortunately the valve is at the moment more of a switch than a control as it either stops or with even a sniff of fuel it over speeds (irrespective of the governor), I need to find accurate dimensions so that I can make a correct valve.
The next stage is to make a substantial trolley before I experiment with the running as if Iím not careful Iíll wreck it.
Trolley manufacture has commenced.
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I have now made the main frame of the trolley from some old pieces of mahogany from a boat yard, the wood is quite marked and burnt in places but it seems to add to the character.
I have applied a coat of wood stain followed by three coats of teak oil and finally two applications of antique restoration wax.
Trolley is now near completion I just need to make a tug handle system, wheel bearings and paint the wheels.
I can now put the engine on and give it a proper test run before stripping and restoring it.
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Using a cobbled up gantry I've mounted the engine on the trolley, I've now made a new fuel valve and tried a proper run even getting it onto paraffin
Video clip
Having determined the engine is OK and runs without problems I am now able to start restoration
20.05.09 and restoration has finally started, engine is now stripped and is being prepared for painting, head and water jacket/fuel tank mount have been rubbed down and filled ready for first primer.
Head and water jacket top redy for primer
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21.06.09 Restoration is now well and trully under way, all but the base is now painted, the con rod and piston inner were painted red but I've returned it to black as this would have been as left the factory, the inner parts of the governor will stay red as these had obviously been done at manufacture professionally.
I have fitted a new set of piston rings supplied by Cox "N" Turner engineering
Some of the small painted parts click thumbnails for large pic's
02.08.09 With small parts all painted I'm now on the main base and flywheel, base has now got two coats of green and the flywheel has it's first coat.
I've also started machining the trolley wheel centers as the hole are well worn and need sleeving
Restoration is moving along quite well now most of the small parts are on plus the crank and piston/rod assembly, head, carb, side shaft and governor assembly are also fitted.
Flywheel, slash guard and fuel tank assembly need to be fitted, I also need to devise a detachable cooling tank

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Mag, splash guard and side shaft drive are now on
Flywheel, fuel tank and decals added
Spec' and manufacturers plate rivets needed to be drilled out so I had to make new ones
I also needed to make a half compression pin as there wasn't one when I got the engine
Engine had no oil transfer pipe from oiler to cylinder so I made one, as I had no reference I had to use my imagination and I've produced the neatest I could.
I've also made a quick detachable pull handle for the trolley
Having borrowed oilers temporarilly from my other engines I ran up and cleaned rust and paint from flywheel rim
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Video clip running on paraffin experimenting with speed
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I have managed to make a genuine Hornsby oiler for the big end feed from parts that came with the engine when I bought it.
I have designed and made a detatchable trolley mounted cooling tank assembly
With engine so close to completion I had it out for a run on 28sec heating oil (Christmas 09)
Engine has now been to it's first rally which was the Ditchingham rally (held at wortwell) 07/03/10, oilers are still incomplete (borrowed from my other engines) and no drive pulley.
Finally got around to making a gib key and fitting a drive pulley
The float became dented and starved the engine of fuel pobably through being rattled around (would have not happened in it service life), I de-soldered the float, dressed the dents out and re-soldered back together.
Trolley mounted cooling tank wasn't the best idea as it tends to shake quite a bit of water out, the tank could have been a bit bigger as well as it boils quite hard.
For the time being I've made a brass top with a vent to contain the water.
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Final Update
After rallying this for a couple of years Iíve finally been persuaded to sell so it has finally departed my stable.
I have now another OK to restore but this time itís somewhat larger 7.5hp, a new page will be set up once Iíve got under way, Amanco must be finished first.
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