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I had my eye on this engine before I bought the 3XHR, should have gone for it then but have finally
succumbed to temptation.
It’s loosely laid together and I have to rebuild it onto a four wheeled towing trolley.
It is a 38hp gas engine (only one made) No 166582 built for Activated Sludge LTD London 26/07/1933 and
deployed in a sewage works in Sittingbourne Kent.
Will start this after completion of the 7hp Ruston OK (on this website)
Now the OK is finished I hope to start this soon, although I really need to obtain a trailer first to build onto, this will make life
Engine is lying in my friend’s museum (in construction) and looking sorry for its self at the moment.
Just thought I’d put a couple of pictures of it lying there.
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Having completed and sold the OK I'm gradually starting the 7HRG, as have been said I now have a 6 ton Pettit tipping trailer to make into a display trolley. A good friend has just aquired a nice open Ruston compressor and a Ruston air receiver tank, well chuffed it should be a nice set when complete. If anyone wants a Broomwade air receive Approx 5 foot long I now have one for offers arond 90 quid.
This isn’t going to be a quick restoration/build, however just thought I’d put a little something of small development with the
A friend has got me a Ruston open crank compressor along with Ruston air receiver, I’ve made a start on the receiver in so
much as stripping valve assembly and restoring that.
Put three pictures on here below.
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Not much of an update but!  I've got the main base of engine onto the trailer and brought it home to my back garden, this way
hopefully there'll be more chance of making a start at my leisure.
As soon as it’s convenient I’ll go and clean crank shaft at his place ready for him to remove from flywheel (whoever stripped this
took crank out with flywheel on).

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Well there has been a little movement so thought I’d do an update, flywheel is now off crank albeit not home yet.
Needing four tyres for the Hornsby trolley to trailer (marathon) project I’ve come to a stop, I’ve made a bit of a start on
I’ve started stripping bits off but finding things are more seriously seized on than first thought, however after removing the
gas inlet calibrator all eight head nuts are now off, these took serious heat and a six foot long extension tube on wrench.
The inlet valve chest has yet to relinquish its grip even after quite some weeks being soaked with diesel, here are some
pictures of bits so far.
Also having gotten a bit overzealous with the acetylene torch I’ve spoilt a couple of head nuts so have made
replacement pair plus a couple of spares.
Bit more to share as I’ve now got everything home now of this engine, and I’ve now got a gantry to use on it, this is going to
tax my abilities to the limit with the situation I have to build it in but not giving up yet.
Brought the crank home last weekend and the flywheel home today (01/10/16), had a bit of a dilemma while bringing crank
home, crank moved back about five inches in trailer kicking it’s centre of gravity rear of axle, resulting in front of trailer
shooting up and rear nearly rubbing road, good job I strapped it on else would have had it picked up from road and probably
got nicked for an unsafe load.
Unfortunately ground will soon be too soft for any heavy work this year, here are some picks of the crank, wheel and
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I’m very sad to say that I’ve had to capitulate to common sense!! (Very upset with myself as not only did I really want to build and own this and I’ve ruined my reputation for always doing what I say I’m going to do), It was really a obvious fact that for me to build this size engine in my small back yard with little lifting equipment and on grass was a silly project to attempt.
Plus my health has taken a bit of a nose dive as well, I’ve replaced this project with a very rare Ruston 3RG  town gas engine which (although not that little) will be a lot easier to handle here.
Big Restart!!!! :-)
after massive change of heart and Steve having done heavy lifting at his yard, I've bought this back
It is now on a fabricated steel base and I'm in process of preparing trailer for mounting on after which I'll bring it home and build up rig here.
Watch tis space!