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"further aquisitions"
I purchased this engine a couple of months ago to restore and rally locally within a few miles as I will be building a flat
bed trailer meant for tractor towing (wheels nearer rear so vehicle will carry most weight).
I canít really start this fully now as the 7.5hp Ruston OK is yet to be re-built, Iíve had a little play though getting it
started for the first time, Iíve bought a Harford type tipping trailer to modify already which Iíll lower and mount it
I intend to mount my Ruston APR on as well with a Ruston compressor (already bought) and an air receiver for starting
as a full Ruston display.
Click images for large piccies
This is a short video of the first time I fired it up a couple of weeks ago, it went straight away with no hesitation with 200 psi pressure (tried 150 psi but not enough to spin it quick enough).
It was running a lot faster than I'll display it and it was running erratically due to air in the fuel system.
These run very evenly when they're set up correctly.
I have traded this engine for this 7HRG, Iíve entered into the large engine world (just).