Lister CS
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Even though Iíve the other projects far from completion Iíve started yet another.
Some time ago (sorry canít remember when) I purchased this Lister CS from an eBayer in Scotland.
It was turning over but no compression and everything but the crank and cam was seized, stripped injector pump and
injector and got it running, it runs OK but at moment wonít sustain it with compression screwed out in the normal running
position (hoping itís just sticky rings and will improve when itís been run for some time and got hot).
Engine has stood there for a year or three having been occasionally started and Iím now preparing to get it into a rally able
condition, It will be mounted on its own ďAĒ frame trailer which Iíve started to create from an old small idespension box
I have been taking a few picís along the way which are shown here.
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Been doing a bit more whilst trying to get on with other two marathon projects, trolley/trailer is nearing completion nowstill need to design and make stand up jacks to take off suspension when running also kit out with lights.
Trial mount up
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Just thought Iíd add a few things I did shortly after receiving this engine, the only things that moved were the crank and
camshaft everything else was pretty seized and messy inside so will be performing a sludge clean out before mounting
up proper.
I stripped the injector and pump apart and got them working (although it now runs I need to check the injector/pump
timing at some stage (need to find timing mark on flywheel or TDC if I canít)) Also cleaned and made compression change
over valve funtional.
Rusty injector
injector pump
Rusty cam shaft
Compression changeover valve
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Done quite a bit more to this now, getting quite enthusiastic now! Stopped at moment as building friends Gardner again
but nearly finished so will be on it again soon.
Iíve cleaned out old oil and serviced oil pump fitting a new seal to it in process, bought new oil and filled.
Iíve made two new cooling in/outlet
The knob on compression changeover was broken so I
purchased an Indian equivalent from Lister Parts which
had incorrect thread and wasnít good quality, I machined
the actual knob off their shaft and machined parts so that
knob fitted onto the original shaft.
The fuel filter air bleed banjo had been mullered by previous
owners so I made a new one to replace.
Fuel pipes were quite knocked about and corroded so have
made some replacements
Small update but thought I'd add it.
Engine is now mounted and ready for  cooling tank, made and fitted some extendable legs at back to take wieght when running so that engine doesn't bounce trailer, I'll be making the same at front as don't want to rely on jockey wheel.
Extendable legs
Cutting crank
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Well been doing a bit more so thought Iíd better update before I get much further, although thereís not too far to
go now.
One more major thing has to be configured and that is the cooling tank, anyway back to now, I have made and
fitted support legs both front and rear now so when running wonít be bouncing on trailer suspension.
Not needing the large tank a CS usually has (only running short periods at rallies ectí) Iíve obtained a small fuel
tank and made a mounting bracket/frame that mounts at top of engine.
Iíve fitted a new brass but modern fuel tap which has a plastic lever, didnít like the plastic so Iíve made a
brass lever to replace it.
Tank is now plumbed up but may review/change pipe at a later date
Been busy doing a few more bits and hopefully get to rally it next weekend at Eastern Counties Tractor Show on
the Royal Norfolk showground.
In the process of building up a cooling system using an old beaten up CS Startomatic fuel tank that has been
through the wars a bit, Iíve made a stand for tank and am in process of fitting inlet and outlet to tank.
Iíve never had water in this since acquiring it a few years ago so donít know whether itíll be water tight around
fuel injector (hoping to not see bubbles coming from top hose).
Tank assembly is now complete and ready for fill which (weather permitting) Iíll get out of workshop and
test it (offering up a lot of prayers).
Mount frame
Tank plumbing
Tank clamps
Finally piped up
Having had bad failings with tank being rotten in bottom seam which wasnít obvious when making that had me
removing it twice to repair and found it was too bad to use, I then obtained a drum from a friend, producing
another tank from that which turned out to even worse.
Actually rallied it at Rackheath which resulted in a spectacular fail mid afternoon, progressively leaking
throughout day till around 3pm when bottom let go quite badly.
Iíve now obtained a section of pipe that has an 8mm wall thickness and is really too heavy but this will never fail,
Iíve produced a tank from this but will have to sure up frame on trolley/trailer as possibility of side load ripping it
off stand on road.
Tank failure
Machining in/outlets
Bottom weded in
Top welded in
In primer
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