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This is a 1905 Richard Hornsby hot bulb oil engine, it is a full runner but I will probably tinker and tidy up to put my personal touch and to become part of it.
Any developements will appear here.

I've now got the engine home and had it running in the garden for a few hours as it's not been run for some time now, there ia a picture and video albeit a poor quality video which magnifies the mechanical noise but it's a representation
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For some time now I've known that the engine gets tight after running a while so I removed the piston and de-carbonised it as there was quite a bit in there.
I also adjusted the big end shims as there was some tightness there too, this has had quite an effect on the running as it's quite hard to govern the speed (it was a bit of a problem before), rev's constantly fluctuate up and down.
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Having had the injector out and cleaned it I suspect the fuel pump isn't performing as it should so I have stripped it down and i've made a new pump piston, I will also be re-cutting the the three ball valve seats.

I have decided against re-cutting the ball valve seats in the pump instead Iíve selected some different balls and tapped them to seat them in the existing seals and it seems to have worked quite well.
I made an insert to take an ďOĒ ring in place of the string seal that was original equipment, this seemed to be fine but the ring canít have been of the correct rubber for oils as quite quickly it swelled and caused the piston to hold up, Iíve gone back to string for the time being.
"O" ring insert
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With the pump now appearing to pump reasonably reliably I set about the injector.
I stripped the unit out and checked it out and made a new injector nozzle as the original seemed to have too large a hole.
The hole is 14 thou and Iím told it should be more like 4thou, the smallest I can drill one is 12 thou but thatís around thirty per cent less area so at least it will be better

Injector & nozzle
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I have now re-fitted everything and test fired the engine, it seemed better for the period that I ran it but it had no coolant so it was a short run.
Iíll be giving it a proper run to assess the new injector (there seemed less smoke from the exhaust which is encouraging).

I have since ran the engine twice with coolant and unfortunately after a half an hour it dies so further investigation is required

Many years ago this engine had the piston turned upside down to gain some compression (a practice Iíve been told was common to get more life out of a bore cheaply).
Having sorted the pump and injector I tried running it with the piston in the correct way up but there was audible blow by and it deposited so much carbon on the bore in a short time that the piston locked up and became too tight to turn.
Iíve since learned from Ray Hooley that the injector hole was correct and should be 15thou, so Iíve turned the piston back the other way and honed the bore.
I think Iíve now sorted it as it now seems to run quite well.
I made a short video of it running after the last work.

21.06.09 engine has now been working well for some time and I've rallied it twice, Strumpshaw 09 and Suffolk agricultural show 09.
Ran faultlessly at Strumpshaw all three days but suffered a blocked injector at the Suffolk show, I stripped the injector out at the show and fitted the original nossle.
It then ran faultlessly for the rest of the show.

Running at Suffolk show

I had intended on starting the Ruston 7HRG but things have changed a bit, up until now whenever I decided to rally this engine it was a
major undertaking, having to manoeuvre it out of workshop, turn through 90 degrees on a small patch of concrete barely big enough before
perfectly aligning to winch onto twin axle trailer.
I decided to make life a lot easier (not getting any younger and have suffered a weakening illness (brachial neuritis)) and turn its trolley
into a towable trailer that I can hook up to with van or tractor and just go.
Trolley was made very sturdy in first place with 4 inch box and 3/16Ē wall with quarter plate top and bottom, however this wasnít wide
enough for safe towing on road so extended sides (see pictures).
I found an old set of twin axles and spring on eBay which could see was rusty, I didnít realize how bad it was and had to make a lot new with
new bearings and brakes, wasnít really worth it but spent too much getting it to dump it.
I managed to get a second hand hitch and have fitted ďAĒ frame, been a slow process due to the illness and Iím also making a piston for a
friends Gardner 1F at moment.
As quoted this was a big mistake pursuing this piece of junk taking so much time itís becoming a marathon, not to mention being a money pit.
I been making gradual progress but suffice to say itís like trying to make a silk purse from a very shredded pigs ear, Iíve managed to source
brake shoes and some new springs (mega old Lockheed stuff and all discontinued) and built drums and brakes up.
Converted from rod brakes to cable brakes  and had to make connectors and abutment brackets to connect cables to brake actuators.

Cables and drums on
Brakes complete

Itís with frustration and disappointment that I have to call an end to this trailer/trolley conversion! Iíve spent a lot of time and money on this
and should have ended when I first got the twin axle set-up home but decided to carry on even though it was a piece of rubbish.
Basically there are issues that would take a lot more time and money to rectify to make it safe and road worthy so Iíve dropped the project and
will have to source a reasonable twin axle trailer (which is basically fine and working) then put Hornsby on its base onto that (after removing the
extensions I welded onto it).
The two pictures are of the stage I got to.
Turning right side up
On its wheels

With sadness and embarrassment I have to report that Iíve had to drop this project.
I have to confess the raw materials were really bad and should have stopped there before spending a lot more money and time on it,
after assessing it with the aid of an opinion of a friend it became obvious this has some issues that although could be fixed would cost
a lot more time and money.
Iím having to start again and re-think how set up a trailer mount, (should have bought a half decent twin axle trailer and sat it on it in
first place).
Progress will re-commence soon (hopefully).